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Untitled Monologues Rogue Theater Festival
Untitled Monologues BroadwayWorld
Untitled Monologues


Francesca is thrilled to announce that the play she wrote, directed and starred in is part of the Rogue Theater Festivals 2020 line up, in association with the iconic 13th St Repertory Theatre. 

"2020 is the year therapy became vital, Unititled Monologues explores womens’ experiences of that


Francesca Bolam’s powerful collection of therapy-driven narratives - Untitled Monologues - is set to debut at Rogue Theatre’s first virtual festival this December.

The play is a collection of pieces written and directed by Bolam, which explores the many universal-yet-personal experiences endured by women when they finally have the space to speak.

From the experience of addiction, to loss, this experimental exploration covers the wide variety of emotions women often find too difficult to share with friends, partners or family. In this intimate performance, we see how these women talk openly, when they’re in a safe space.


“Therapy is unpredictable. It makes you think about things you thought you had locked away in a box in the back of your mind”; said Bolam. “Situations that happened years ago come flooding back and conversations you wish you’d had are finally given the airtime.”


Alongside Bolam’s own narrative within the play, she’s joined by Anne Windsland (High Maintenance HBO, Ophelia The Pearl Theatre), Selamawit Worku (She’s Gotta Have It NETFLIX directed by Spike Lee), Te'Era Coleman (Men On Boats, The NOLA Project) and Alexis LaBarba (the Wooster Group and New York Shakespeare Company)."

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